Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Brosky's FZJ 80 build.

I have a new friend named Richard from Morrow Bay. A good fellow with a heart for the outdoors & 4xWheellin. His Adventure Rig is an 1994 Fzj80. Here is some specs on his machine.
4" Old Man Emu heavy lift 850J/863.
37" TruXs tires

Monday, October 28, 2019

Canada Family Trip 2019

I've been traveling North from Central California up Abbotsford BC.
My family & I are doing the travel trailer thing. As you might of read the last few posts making upgrades for the trek.
The 488 axle gears along with the SUMO 10% high gear set have been well worth the money spent. Greatest thing about the 10% gears is they do not effect the speedometer. Dont ask my why... ill leave that to the smart people to tell me... something to do with where the speedo picks up.
We have made stops at:
Woodland, CA

Redding, CA
Grants Pass, OR

SE Portland, OR

Gresham, OR

Then will be headed up to:
Blaine, WA
Abbotsford BC
Then make a quick dash home hitting Crescent City, CA & Redding on the way dow to make it back in time for Turf-N-Surf 2019 at Pismo Oceano the 1st weekend of Nov.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Spanish Lake Trail father daughter trip

I was finally able to get out & do some wheelin tent camping this last weekend with my oldest daughter.
It's kind of our annual hang out together thing.
We spent some time hanging with the 4x4Him.com Christian Wheeler group at there Rock Hopper Roundup weekend.
We went Rouge from their selection of trails to get the Spanish Lake Trail off my Bucket list.
It was a Fast & Furious 9 hour round trip back to Bald Mountain Base Camp.
I want to go back & hike up to Rodgers Ridge to see the Kings Canyon Nation Forest from the North side down into the Kings River Canyon next time we have a chance to go back.
Fun Fact: from the trail head of 6,500' up to campground 8,900' elevation that's a 2,700 foot climb.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tubed out cut up fzj80 called "HalfAss"

There is an 80 series that is all chopped up & tubed out called "Half Ass", I finally caught up to it in Sourgrass, CA last summer 2018. Here is my walk around video. Here also is a link to an ih8mud thread with pictures of it.
Build thread

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Robs Rusty Nail Racing fj45 Chase Truck Walk-around

I had the privilege to meet Rob & talk about the history of the his fj45lwb Rusty Nail Racing Chase Truck. What an amazing story of his travels across America...

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Road & Dirt Adventure with my oldest

Road & Dirt Adventure with my oldest

My oldest & I took the long way up to our local base camp area (approx. 9 hours) where we go wheelin. This time we went directly East across the valley to Pine Flat on up to Black Rock Reservoir on up to Wishon Reservoir down through the McKinley Grove trees past Dinky Creek on up to Saver Lake to fuel up & grab some pizza before we headed up toward Huntington Lake to Bald Mountain base camp approx. 6 miles in from Tamarac Ridge Snow Park.
Here is the video footage of the fun in Lx450 wheelin wagon.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Six Days near Bald Mountain Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Six Days near Bald Mountain Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

The last week of June I took my family up the local mountains to a annual event called Moonlight Madness. The main event runs from dusk till we hours of the morning. The 6x12 box trailer just does not fit my growing family any more so we decided to splurge with a RV from Cruise America. We had a great time & the showers are even better. I'm trying to post with Instagram vids to see how it works out verses YouTube, tell me what you think.
(Click on the pictures that have a grey arrow that should take you to Instagram to watch videos).