Monday, May 16, 2016

Daddy Went Wheelin at Hollister Hills SVRA

Daddy Went Wheelin at Hollister Hills SVRA

Daddy went wheelin with his girls last weekend.
I took vacation days off months ago for this trip & last week it seemed like it wasn't going to happen, but at the last minute it all lined up for us to go.
We went on a day trip 2.5 hours North to Holister Hills SVRA the event was the Molina Ghost Run. We arrived late but caught up with some work buddies mid day.
If you go to Holister Hills in an 80 series Never,  NEVER  follow a bunch of guys in full width SAS exo cage 4Runners... as @jacar has warned before not to do the Jungle trail at Holister in an 80... well it looked OK at the begining & it was not marked. I didn't know it was the Jungle Trail, but once your in the trench you can't get out. So as the trail progressed it got narrow & more rutted. My girls were scared stiff & wanted out, so was I.

Long story short the Lx made it through thanks to 4 friends standing on my sliders but not without some battle wounds due to the trench warfare it went through. The damage should of been way worse than it is , I'm very fortunate.
All together it was a great day & I was very impressed with how well my 80 wheels. The 80 series is a truly a great family haulin machine. It runs for hours smoothly down the freeway to get you there then takes a beating & gets you all the way back home with no complaints.

Here is more pics & a video.

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